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Faculty of Construction and Architecture

Mykhaylo V. Butyk

Mykhaylo V. Butyk

Dean of the Faculty
The educational process at the faculty provides:

The establishment of the Faculty of Construction and Architecture at CMU in 2008 was determined by the need to improve the quality of training of highly qualified specialists in construction and architects by diversifying the methods and means of training in higher education institutions of various forms of ownership.

Scientific work

Scientific-pedagogical workers and students of the faculty are participants of scientific conferences, round tables, seminars with the participation of prominent figures and employers.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the faculty has prepared monographs and teaching aids:

  • "Basics of rationing the urban environment" (M. Omelianenko, D. Isaenko)
  • "Legislation and architectural engineering" (M. Omelianenko)
  • "Engineering Geodesy (general course)" (A. Obyhov)

Graduates in construction and civil engineering, architecture and urban planning are prepared for professional activities related to construction processes, organization of construction production, quality control of construction works, creation of architectural objects, search for architectural solutions and their implementation, implementation of architectural and construction control and author's supervision of construction.

Modern building is a complex industry that is rapidly developing in Ukraine and abroad. This development is based on the usage of the latest achievements of science, engineering and computing.

The special feature of training in Kyiv International University, except for modern quality professional training, is the fact that the practical training and seminars on the Bachelor program are conducted in English.

Through meetings with representatives of employers and practical training bases, the educational program is reviewed in order to shift the focus of the practical training of future specialists.

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