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Institute of Journalism, Cinema and Television

Oleksii F. Samoilov

Oleksii F. Samoilov

Director of the Institute, Candidate of Historical sciences, Associate Professor.

There is a double degree program on specialties: "Social communication and media" (SSW, Poland).

Educational process in the Institute of Journalism, Film and Television is provided by 3 departments:

Annual scientific volume of published materials of the Institute – dozens of articles, monographs, manuals, educational literature.

Scientific conferences

  • annual international scientific and practical conference of the teaching staff “Ukraine in European integration processes”;
  • traditional international scientific and practical conference "Mass Media and the democratization of the world";
  • international scientific and practical conference for students "European way of development of Ukraine: plans and reality;
  • annual Ukrainian scientific and practical conference for students "Trends and Prospects for information space: student science and practice.

Scientific circles

There are 6 scientific circles for students, where they analyze problems of media participation in political and economic life of society, and prepare scientific reports for discussing them with staff of newspapers, radio, television and press-agencies.

The Institute of Journalism provides with the following options:

  • press-centre, which makes links with central and regional publications in Ukraine. On its base KyIU students receive practical skills in journalism, preparing operational information and analytical materials for different periodicals, including all-Ukrainian social and political newspaper "Post Scriptum +”, which is published by students of the Institute of Journalism.
  • television studio. Subjects prepared at television studio by students of the Institute of Journalism and the Institute of Television, Film and Theatre are also available at all regional channels (program "Student ID").

Students also issue an alternative newspaper "Shtopor" (“Corkscrew”), which in 2007 took a second place in the nationwide competition of student newspapers in Zaporizhia.

Students of all courses are constantly involved in filming of various TV-programs.

The following forms of educational work are actively used in the Institute of Journalism in KyIU:

  • master-classes of leading journalists in Ukraine and abroad;
  • practical seminars at the Academy of Ukrainian Press (Bavaria);
  • scientific and practical conferences on the formation of national and global information space;
  • practical works based on television companies (TV channel “Studio 1 +1", "New channel", "TRK Era", "K1");
  • annual nationwide festival “Young TV";
  • creative contests on the best publishing, TV- and radio program, photo illustration.

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