49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Department of Building and Architecture

The Department of Construction and Architecture is a leading department at the Faculty of Construction and Architecture of Kyiv International University ensuring teaching higher education specialists Bachelor's Degree in Specialties "Architecture and town planning" and "Building and civil engineering" by educational and professional programs.

The department’s activity is aimed at training civil engineers of exploitation level with generalised objects of activity: the processes of designing, making, exploitation, caretaking and reconstruction of building objects and systems; special activities: industrial and civil engineering; hydrotechnical construction; urban development and municipal services; building structures, products and materials technology; highways and airports; bridges and tunnels; heat-and-gas supply and ventilation; facilities for water supply and water drain.

The department provides teaching of the following disciplines:

Building and civil engineering
  • Introduction to Civil Engineering
  • Technical Mechanics of Liquid and Gas
  • Strength of Materials
  • Constraction Mechanics
  • Construction Materials Science
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Metrology and Standardization
  • Engineering Geodesy (general course)
  • Engineering geology and basics of soil mechanics
  • Architecture of Constructions and Structures
  • Construction Machinery
  • Building Production Technology
  • Сonstruction and Installation of Buildings
  • Construction Economics and Organization
  • Water supply and Sanitation
  • Geodesic Training
  • Construction technology training
  • Building constructions
  • Urban Planning and Transport
  • Metal structures
  • Bases and foundations
  • Reinforced concrete and mansory structures
  • Building Operation
  • Production base of construction
  • Electrotechnics in Construction
  • Wooden and Plastic Structures
  • Construction management
  • Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation
Architecture and town planning
  • Architectoral Design
  • Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
  • Architectural materials science
  • Construction of Buildings and Structures
  • Architectural structures
  • Descriptive Geometry
  • Engineering Equipment of Buildings and Structures
  • Territory engineering and transportation
  • Construction technology
  • Economics of architectural design
  • History of architecture and town planning
  • Art history: fine, decorative, design
  • Theory of architecture
  • Composition and architectural composition
  • Architectural design and layout
  • Basics of the theory of structures
  • Basics of geodesy
  • Basics of reconstruction and restoration of buildings and structures
  • Aesthetics of architecture
  • Graphic techniques in architectural design

Scientific work

Department staff participates in research theme "Model Family hostel: an analysis of current trends". The results of teachers' research are reflected in scientific publications and teaching materials.

The lecturers of the department conduct scientific researches in such directions:

  • restoration and increase of bearing capacity of constructions of special purpose
  • legislative and regulatory methodology in architecture and construction
  • technical regulation in the construction industry
  • preparation of materials and development of State building norms and standards
  • principles of application of the latest building materials in finishing works
  • computer application in construction
  • modern theory of automatic control, digital and optimal systems
  • landscaping
  • technical inspection and monitoring of building safety
  • structural engineering and design
  • building renovation
  • structural and foundation reinforcement
  • cognitive methodology

There is a research circle at the department "Studio of construction art and architectural science of professional orientation".

Students receive practical training at specialized enterprises, in Ukrainian companies and firms of different ownership forms, apply the latest technologies in the design, construction and operation of buildings and structures, design organizations.