49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Department of Dentistry

Head of the Department of Dentistry

Igor A. Molozhanov

Head of the Department, Candidate of Medical sciences, associate professor

The department’s activity is aimed at preparation of highly skilled experts which are competitive on a labour market, have a possibility to make good use knowledge and practical skills during granting the qualified, high-quality.

The task of the department is to prepare dentists who have modern approaches to the organization and management of treatment and preventive care, the necessary practical skills to ensure the effectiveness of treatment of major dental diseases.

Students have the opportunity, under the guidance of teachers of the department and doctors of the University Clinic, to study and apply modern methods of treatment and diagnosis in dentistry.

The department provides teaching of the following subjects:

  • orthopedic dentistry
  • propedeutics of therapeutic dentistry
  • propaedeutics of pediatric therapeutic dentistry
  • prevention of dental diseases
  • therapeutic dentistry
  • pediatric therapeutic dentistry
  • social medicine, public health and the basics of evidence-based medicine
  • social medicine, public health
  • occupational safety
  • endodontic technique in pediatric dentistry

Students have the opportunity under the guidance of faculty and doctors University Clinic to study modern methods of treatment and diagnostics in surgical, orthopedic dentistry and orthodontics.

The university has specialized offices:

  • phantom class for propaedeutics of therapeutic
  • pediatric and orthopedic dentistry
  • dental laboratory
  • training room for polyclinic reception
  • admission to a dental clinic
  • therapeutic and children's reception in the dental clinic
  • surgical reception in the dental clinic
  • chemistry laboratory
  • clinical study for orthopedic dentistry and orthodontics, sterilization