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Institute of Theater Arts

Nina O. Ilina

Nina O. Ilina

Director of the Institute, Merited Artist of Ukraine, Professor
Educational process in the Institute of Theater Arts is provided by department:

Scientific activities

The main directions of scientific research – formation of the television information space in Ukraine and abroad; an analysis of the experience of Ukrainian and European cinema direction, performing art, its influence on the formation of national traditions and the preservation of national culture in the European cultural space integration.

Teaching staff of the Institute is represented by highly qualified creative and scientific doctors and candidates of sciences, people’s and honored artists of Ukraine.

Educational process in the institute is provided by the following forms of educational and scientific work:

  • scientific-practical conferences;
  • workshops of leading artists of Ukraine - actors, directors, film critics;
  • creative shows, professional creative competitions for the best video, tv, photo;
  • practical training of students of Performing Arts department takes place in leading theatres of Kiev, television, production companies of Ukraine, the practice of students of Cinema and Television Art Department goes on TV and art film projects in Ukraine.

The Institute of Theater Arts provides with the following options:

  • educational theatre “The Ark”, that is the basis for the practice of students, for the competitive festivals and theater shows;
  • student theater " Oleg Roenko Studio" of the Honored Artist of Ukraine;
  • studio theatre of the people's Artist of Ukraine Lev Somov.

The students participation in film, theater and cultural festivals:

  • Berdyansk International Film Festival;
  • VII Ukrainian IV International nonprofit festival named VL Chubasova "Young TV";
  • International Theatre Festival ( Dneprodzerzhinsk city);
  • Film Festival “Zaporozhye Sinerama”;
  • International Film Festival of Young Cinema "X Muse";
  • International Film Festival "Molodist”;
  • Theatre Festival "Joy Fest";
  • Ukrainian festival "Through thorns to the stars".

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