Training period
  • bachelor – 4 years
Form of study
  • full-time
  • extra-mural

Institute of Journalism, Film and Television of Kyiv International University provides training of specialists in: journalism.


  • Specialization «Print Media»
  • Specialization «Internet journalism»
  • Specialization «TV Journalistics»
  • Specialization «Advertising and PR»
  • Specialization «Media Business»

List of educational and professional program components

Disciplines of general training cycle:

  • History of Ukrainian Culture;
  • Philosophy;
  • History of Ukrainian Journalism;
  • History of Foreign Journalism;
  • History of Foreign Literature;
  • Modern Foreign Literature;
  • History of Ukrainian Literature;
  • Modern Ukrainian Literature;
  • Practical Course in Ukraine;
  • Modern Ukrainian language;
  • Political Science;
  • Psychology of Journalistic Creativity;
  • Ecology and Health and Safety Fundamentals;
  • Sociology of Mass Communication;
  • Fundamentals of Scientific Research;
  • Mass communication and information;
  • Theory of Mass Communication and information;
  • Communication Technologies;
  • Media Law;
  • Journalism studies;
  • Theory of Journalism;
  • The theory works and text ;
  • Theory and methods of journalists’ creative activity;
  • Media Critics;
  • Media Safety (life safety of a journalist);
  • International Journalism;
  • Practical Stylistics;
  • Journalism profession;
  • Agency Journalism;
  • Photojournalism;
  • Newspaper and Magazine Production;
  • Radio Production;
  • Television Production;
  • Modern literary and publishing process;
  • Literary Style;
  • The basics of re-engineering and computer design;
  • Ethics of professional communication;
  • Rhetoric;
  • Journalistic Management and Marketing;
  • Media Production Technology;
  • Internet Journalism;
  • Journalistic Genres;
  • General Editing.

Disciplines of professional training cycle:

  • Foreign Language;
  • Mass Media Problematics;
  • Methodology of journalist's work;
  • Organization of Editorial Work in Market Economy;
  • Journalism skills;
  • TV journalism;
  • Oral speech technique in the media (practical course).

The following forms of educational work are actively used in the Institute of Journalism:

  • master-classes of leading journalists in Ukraine and abroad;
  • scientific and practical conferences on the formation of national and global information space;
  • practical works based on television companies (TV channel “Studio 1 +1", "New channel", "TRK Era", "K1");
  • annual nationwide festival “Young TV ";
  • creative contests on the best publishing, TV- and radio program, photo illustration.
  • practical training at the Television Studio of KyIU;

Television studio is actively used in the vocational training of journalists. On its basis the students of the Institute prepare weekly TV-programs like "Student ID”, which are broadcast to all regional TV-channels in Ukraine.

Practical skills of journalism students also receive at the press center of KyIU, preparing operational information and analytical materials for various periodicals, including the all-Ukrainian socio-political newspaper "Post Scriptum +” issued by students of the Institute of Journalism, Film and Television.

Students of all courses are constantly involved in filming of various TV-programs.

After a full academic course a specialist in journalism may hold the following positions:

  • journalist;
  • literary editor;
  • TV editor;
  • studio editor;
  • chief editor of creative association;
  • head of press-centre;
  • director of programs (radio, TV);
  • press secretary;
  • head of advertising and public relations department;
  • editor-translator;
  • correspondent;
  • proper correspondent;
  • special correspondent;
  • TV and radio presenter.