Audiovisual Arts and Production

Training period
  • bachelor – 4 years
Form of study
  • full-time
  • extra-mural

Institute of Journalism, Film and Television of Kyiv International University provides training of specialists in: audiovisual arts and production.

Specialist in Audiovisual arts and production

List of educational and professional program components

Disciplines of general training cycle:

  • History of Ukrainian Culture;
  • History of directing;
  • Organization of television production and film producing;
  • Introduction to Specialty;
  • History of world cinema;
  • History of Foreign Literature;
  • Modern Foreign Literature;
  • Modern Ukrainian Literature;
  • History of Fine Arts;
  • History of television;
  • History of music and musical literature;
  • History of Material Culture and Living;
  • History of Ukrainian cinema;
  • Scenography of theater, film and television;
  • Sound and music in film and television;
  • Arts of audio-visual commercials;
  • Basics of drama;
  • Speech culture;
  • TV Journalistics;
  • Photography and film picture material;
  • Techniques of video recording and editing;
  • Fundamentals of film and television equipment;
  • Mastery of film and television cameraman;
  • Fundamentals of directing;
  • Mastery of performing.

Disciplines of professional training cycle:

  • Foreign Language;
  • Film and television directing;
  • Directing practice;
  • Editing.

The following forms of educational work are actively used in the Institute of Journalism, Film and Television of KyIU:
  • master-classes of leading artists of Ukraine and abroad;
  • scientific and practical conference on the formation matters of national and global information space;
  • practical work at TV-companies (TV channel “Studio 1+1", "New channel", "TRK Era", "K1");
  • annual international festival “Young TV";
  • creative contests on the best publishing, TV- and radio program, photo illustration;
  • master-classes of leading actors and producers;
  • scientific and practical conferences for students, creative and talent shows, participation in festivals;
  • concerts and performances;
  • charity shows.
After a full academic course a specialist in Audiovisual arts and production may hold the following positions:
  • chief producer of a TV-channel, studio, creative association;
  • producer of game, documentary, popular science, advertising, educational video;
  • producer of informational TV-programs;
  • producer of documentary and publicistic programs;
  • producer of art-stage programs;
  • producer of music videos (clip-maker);
  • director of photography;
  • TV-reporter (producer-operator-journalist);
  • director of photography of informational programs;
  • newscaster and anchorman of informational, publicistic and art TV-programs;
  • screenwriter of documentary and game films and television.