49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Department of International Relations and Tourism

Head of the Department of International Relations and Tourism

Iryna M. Krupenia

Head of the Department, Candidate of Political sciences, associate professor

Intensification of Ukraine's foreign policy activity in independence, intensive work of integration processes of Ukraine to the Euro-Atlantic level, level of practical work of the enterprise and engaged in medicine, using, using service and diplomacy, believe that there are still representatives who exist at the level of other countries, and at the same time as they consider, and a generalized technology that has worked internationally, which has worked in today's world and European spheres to what standards.

Education at the International Relations and Tourism Department is carried out with the following professional programs of bachelor and master degree: International relations, social communication and regional studies, Politology and Tourism.

The department provides teaching of the following professional and practical subjects:

  • International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies
    • History of Ukraine
    • history of political doctrines and political science
    • history of international relations
    • international relations and world politics
    • theory of international relations
    • country studies
    • regional subsystems of international relations
    • foreign policy of Ukraine
    • foreign policy of Western Europe
    • diplomatic protocol and etiquette
    • international organizations
    • diplomatic and consular service
    • foreign policy analysis
    • basics of the scientific research
    • religious factor in international relations
    • ethnopolitical problems in international relations
    • sociology of politics
    • PR-tools in international relations
    • strategic communications in international relations
    • hybrid challenges of the modern world
    • foreign policy of the Middle East
    • economic diplomacy in the system of ensuring the national interests of states
    • foreign policy of North America
    • foreign policy of Asian countries
    • diaspora and national minorities in the foreign policy of states
    • energy geopolitics and diplomacy
    • international cultural and humanitarian cooperation
    • foreign policy of CEE and CEE countries
    • foreign policy of Russia and the CIS countries
    • international conflicts and the humanitarian factor in world politics
    • national and regional security in the context of globalization
    • crisis analysis and foreign policy decision-making
    • migration crisis and border expansion policy
    • current issues of international relations in Africa
    • current issues of international relations in Latin America and the Caribbean
    • current issues of cross-border cooperation
  • Politology
    • History of Ukraine
    • Politology
    • history and theory of democracy
    • history of political doctrines
    • theory of international relations
    • international relations and world politics
    • sociology of politics
    • political management
    • ethnopolitics
    • theory of political parties
    • elections and electoral systems
    • regional policy
    • methods of political analysis
    • sociological methods of research of political processes
    • social philosophy
    • general policy theory
    • foreign policy of Ukraine
    • theory of public administration
    • political psychology
    • history of political thought of Ukraine
    • philosophy of politics
    • basics of world politics
    • technology of the political process
    • world political process and geopolitics
    • conflictology and negotiation theory
    • theory and practice of political communication
    • PR tools in politics
    • political consulting
    • political campaign management
    • theory and practice of party activity
    • statistical methods in political science
    • political elites and political leadership
    • problems of domestic political life of Ukraine
    • basics of national security
    • axiological bases of political management (Political axiology)
    • political anthropology
    • political geography
    • basics of professional ethics and protocol in politics
    • public administration and local self-government
    • political culture in public administration
    • civil society in the political process
    • political transitology
    • political behavior and political participation
    • modern Ukrainian society and the political process
  • Tourism
    • Politology
    • basics of tourism
    • basics of international tourism
    • physical geography of the world and cartography
    • economic and political geography and history of the world
    • demography
    • history of tourism
    • country studies
    • geography of tourism
    • recreational complexes of the world
    • tourist local lore
    • tourist resources of Ukraine
    • branches of tourism: sports, green, medical, business, exhibition
    • tour rating
    • organization of tourist trips
    • organization of hotel and restaurant business
    • basics of the scientific research
    • logistics of tourist flows
    • tourism development strategy
    • monitoring of the market of tourist services
    • innovative technologies in tourism
    • socio-cultural tourist service
    • management of regional tourism development
    • methodology of tourist accompaniment
    • basics of hospitality
    • gastronomic service
    • sanatorium and resort services
    • excursion activity
  • International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies
    • methodology and organization of scientific research of international relations
    • current issues of Ukraine's foreign policy and international relations
    • theory and practice of modern international diplomacy
    • foreign policy strategies and doctrines
    • international systems and global development
    • mechanisms for ensuring security in the international space and in foreign policy
    • geopolitics and geostrategy
    • theory of civilizations
    • modeling and forecasting in the field of international relations
    • diplomatic dimension of regional integration
    • world arms market and conversion in international relations
    • public administration and foreign policy decision-making
    • strategic partnership and asymmetric relations
    • public and cultural diplomacy
    • regionalism and regional security systems
    • evolution and current trends in foreign policy of the CIS countries
    • national security of Ukraine
    • The EU in modern international relations
  • Politology
    • methodology and organization of scientific research of international relations
    • comparative political science
    • public policy analysis
    • political forecasting
    • international systems and global development
    • theory of political conflicts
    • geopolitics and geostrategy
    • international and European security
    • applied political science
    • diplomatic dimension of regional integration
    • electoral political technologies: a comparative analysis
    • economics of European integration
    • political risks in the conditions of democratic transformation of society
    • public administration and political decision-making
    • strategic partnership and asymmetric relations
    • public and cultural diplomacy
    • regionalism and regional security systems
    • strategic communications
    • evolution and current trends in foreign policy of the CIS countries
    • national security of Ukraine
    • crisis analysis and policy making
  • Tourism
    • organization and design of research on the theory and practice of international tourism
    • philosophy and sociology of tourism
    • evolution of tourism in the context of globalization of tourism
    • professional skills of a trismus manager
    • quality management of tourist services
    • international tourism
    • state and regional management in the field of tourism
    • mechanisms for providing quality excursion services at the state level
    • analysis of processes in the international tourism market
    • optimization of the tourist sphere of Ukraine
    • methodologies and methods of scientific research of the international tourist market
    • strategic management of sustainable development of tourism in the country
    • software touring
    • glocalization of world tourist destinations
    • organization and management of exhibition and fair activities in tourism
    • scientific forecasting of state development in the field of tourism
    • methodological aspects of management of social and labor relations in the field of tourism

Scientific work of the Department

The scientific activity of the department is aimed at research, generation and dissemination of new knowledge in the fields of international relations and foreign policy; comprehensive knowledge of countries and regions, international communications and international information space, the formation of key competences and personal qualities of modern international relations specialists, capable of implementing knowledge and skills at the national and international levels.

The lecturers of the department also research the world political processes, international relations and their peculiarities in different regions, current geopolitical tendencies, problems in the field of political and historical sciences, integration of Ukraine into the world and European space, formation of a safe space as a guarantee of coexistence in the globalized world, etc.

It is common for the department to conduct teaching of some disciplines both in English and Ukrainian. High proficiency of the teaching staff made it possible to elaborate courses of lectures in leading disciplines and provide own scientific and methodological background of all fundamental disciplines. Authors of a number of textbooks used in the teaching process are professors of the department. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and different international organizations, famous politicians and members of parliament are invited to meet the students.

Educational Activities

Students of the department have practical trainings at parliamentary committees, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Council of Europe Information Bureau, foreign embassies, international organizations, etc.

In addition, employees of the prominent Ukrainian politicians and diplomats, ambassadors to foreign embassies in Ukraine, in particular: the first President of Ukraine Leonid M. Kravchuk, Ambassadors of USA, China, Pakistan, Germany, Spain, Estonia, Kuwait, Egypt, Afghanistan, India, Georgia, United Kingdom, Tajikistan, Republic of Korea in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Slovakia, Sweden, Portugal, Coordinator, OSCE Ambassador to Ukraine, etc.

The Department takes pride in its graduates actively working in the diplomatic field and representing Ukraine in the international arena.