Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry

Training period
  • bachelor – 4 years
Form of study
  • full-time
  • extra-mural

Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculty of Kyiv International University provides training of specialist in: Pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry.


(organization of drugstores, wholesale and retail sale, production (manufacturing) of drugs).

Disciplines of the general training cycle:

  • Advanced mathematics;
  • Biophysics;
  • Pharmaceutical Botany;
  • Inorganic and organic chemistry;
  • Analytic chemistry;
  • Physical Chemistry and Dispersoidology;
  • Biology with fundamental genetics;
  • Human Anatomy;
  • Microbiology;
  • Biochemistry;
  • Information and computer technology in pharmacy;
  • Physiopathilogy;
  • Physical Methods of Analysis and Metrology;
  • Pharmacology;
  • Pharmacognosy;
  • Pre-hospital First Aid;
  • Pharmacy and industrial technology of medicinal measures;
  • Organisation and Economics in Pharmacy ;
  • Management and Marketing in Pharmacy;
  • Pharmaceutical and toxicological chemistry;
  • Clinical pharmacy;
  • Pharmacotherapy;
  • Medical and pharmaceutical commodity;
  • Laboratory Diagnostics;
  • Sanitary Science in Pharmacy;
  • Basics of ecology;
  • Extremаl Medicine.

Extensive professional knowledge of the specialty is formed of the following subjects:

higher mathematics; toxicology; biology; chemistry; physiology; anatomy; physiology; biochemistry; community health; microbiology; pathology; pharmaceutics; biopharmaceutics; pharmaceutical chemistry; medicinal chemistry; pharmacology; pharmacokinetics; biopharmaceutical chemistry; pharmacoeconomics; history of medicine and pharmacy; hygiene in pharmacy; pharmaceutical technology of medicines; industrial technology of medicines; organization and economics of pharmacy; extreme medicine; ethics and deontology in pharmacy.

Pharmacists, graduates of “Pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry” speciality have the widest choice of working places:

  • pharmacies;
  • pharmaceutical firms;
  • pharmacy depots;
  • pharmaceutical factories;
  • scientific research institutions;
  • pharmaceutical business sphere.

Pharmacist has the widest range of professional opportunities and has no problems with the employment in any country. Pharmacist is one of the most essential professions.