Business, Trade and Exchange Activities

Training period
  • bachelor – 4 years
Form of study
  • full-time
  • extra-mural

Faculty of Economics of Kyiv International University provides training of specialists in: business, trade and exchange activities.

Specialist in Business, trade and exchange activities

  • Specialization «Business activities»
  • Specialization «Exchange activity in the commodity market»
  • Specialization «Organization of commercial activity in the services and trade»

List of educational and professional program components

Disciplines of general training cycle:

  • Political Economy;
  • Microeconomics;
  • Macroeconomics;
  • History of Economics and Economic Thought;
  • Higher mathematics;
  • Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics;
  • Economic and mathematical modeling;
  • Economic Informatics;
  • Statistics;
  • Business Economics;
  • Theory of State and Law;
  • Marketing;
  • Logistics;
  • Finances;
  • Accounting;
  • Social-labor relations;
  • Public Relations;
  • World economy;
  • National economy;
  • Management;
  • Business risks;
  • Innovative entrepreneurship;
  • The strategy of the enterprise;
  • Entrepreneurship and small business;
  • Econometrics;
  • Project analysis;
  • Potential and development of the enterprise.

Disciplines of professional training cycle:

  • Infrastructure of business activity;
  • Risk management;
  • Leadership and partnership in entrepreneurial activity;
  • Business ethics;
  • The formation of the business model of the enterprise;
  • Controlling in entrepreneurial activity;
  • Venture business;
  • Taxation of an enterprise;
  • Business organization;
  • Legal Fundamentals of Business;
  • Business planning.

Students receive practical training at:

  • companies and firms that have international links;
  • trade representative offices;
  • banks and financial institutions;
  • investment companies;
  • consulting firms;
  • the industrial and commercial enterprises.

After a full academic course a specialist in Business, trade and exchange activities is prepared for work associated with:

  • iternational financial transactions and securities transactions;
  • credit and settlement operations between the subjects of foreign trade and foreign economic activity;
  • creation of banking, credit and insurance institutions outside Ukraine;
  • international Wholesale and retail trade;
  • common business activities;
  • enterprise management;
  • project analysis and business planning;
  • economic calculations and forecasting;
  • state administration;
  • research and market analysis;
  • providing services to foreign business entities.

May hold the following positions:

  • economist in foreign companies and firms that have international links;
  • trade representatives, agents with commercial services;
  • dealers and brokers on financial transactions of sale of goods;
  • chief specialist, head of the commercial services, in wholesale, retail and stock market, stock exchanges.