Computer Science

Training period
  • bachelor – 4 years
Form of study
  • full-time
  • extra-mural

Faculty of Construction, Architecture and Information Technology of Kyiv International University provides training of specialists in: computer sciences.

Specialist in computer sciences and information technologies

  • Specialization «IT analysis and modeling of business processes»
  • Specialization «Project Management in IT»

Disciplines of the general training cycle:

  • Advanced Maths: Analytic Geometry and Linear Algebra;
  • Advanced Maths: Mathematical Analysis;
  • Discrete Mathematics;
  • Probability theory, probability processes and mathematical statistics;
  • Algorithm Theory;
  • Numerical Analyses;
  • Mathematical Methods of Operational Research;
  • Theory of Decision-making;
  • Physics;
  • Ecology.

Disciplines of the cycle of vocational training:

  • Algorythmisation and Computer Programming;
  • Operating Systems;
  • Data Base and Knowledge Organization;
  • Intellectual Data Analysis;
  • Computer Graphics;
  • Systematic Analysis;
  • System Modeling;
  • Design of Information Systems;
  • Methods and Systems of Artificial Intelligence;
  • Computer networks;
  • Occupational Health and Life Safety;
  • Economy and Business;
  • Object-oriented Programming;
  • WEB-technologies and WEB-design;
  • Cross-platform Programming;
  • Technology of software creation;
  • Technology computer-aided design;
  • Technologies of Information Security;
  • Technologies of Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing;
  • IT-Project Management;
  • Electrical and Electronics;
  • Computer circuitry and architecture of computers.

Extensive professional knowledge of the specialty is formed of the following subjects:

Basics of electrical engineering and electronics, computer electronics (components and circuits of computer systems), organization of databases and knowledge, technology programming and software products, systems modeling, economics and organization of production, safety of life, computer architecture, numerical methods in computer science, system software and operating systems, methods and means of computer information technologies, computer networks (local, corporate and global), systems of artificial intelligence, management etc.

Students have practice in:

  • state institutions;
  • industrial and commercial enterprises.

After a full academic course a specialist in Computer Sciences is prepared to work with:

  • design and operation of integrated automated management systems and information processing;
  • managed LAN government agencies, businesses, commercial and banking structures, and regular monitoring and auditing network resources;
  • control of preservation and protection of information in databases;
  • information resources management and maintenance of telecommunication systems;
  • installation and maintenance of system and application software;
  • prospective planning, forecasting, organizing and managing project work in management and information technologies;
  • implementation and development of new computer and information technologies.

May hold the following positions:

  • specialist in information and analytical agencies or organizations;
  • specialist in monitoring and auditing network resources;
  • specialist in the development and implementation of new computer and information technologies, etc.

May work in:

  • organizations that develop or use various information systems, including computerized information processing and management;
  • organizations that develop or use systems of artificial intelligence and system software;
  • organizations that develop or use automated data processing systems;
  • the field of Internet technologies.