Training period
  • bachelor – 4 years
Form of study
  • full-time
  • extra-mural

List of educational and professional program components

Disciplines of the general training cycle:

  • history of Ukraine
  • history of Ukrainian culture
  • ukrainian (professional)
  • philosophy
  • political science
  • foreign language
  • higher mathematics
  • probability theory and mathematical statistics
  • computer science and modern information systems and technologies
  • basics of economic theory

Disciplines of the cycle of vocational and practical training:

  • geography of tourism
  • tourist history
  • occupational health, ecology and life safety
  • civil defense
  • entry to the specialty
  • economic geography and history of the world
  • physical geography of the world's countries and cartography
  • political geography and history of the world
  • demography
  • tourist resources of Ukraine
  • history of tourism
  • recreation complexes of the world
  • law
  • marketing
  • management
  • tourism organization
  • basics of tourism studies
  • organization of tourist trips
  • organization of sightseeing and animation activities
  • tour management
  • organization of hotel and restaurant management
  • accounting and audit basics
  • FEA accounting and analysis
  • economics of enterprise
  • basics of scientific research
  • tourism areas: sports, green, medical, business, exhibition
  • country studies
  • country studies (Asian and African Countries)
  • country studies (Europe, North and South America, Australia)
  • spa and sanatorium services
  • basics of international tourism
  • coursework
  • graduating qualification work
  • educational practice " entry the specialty"
  • foreign language (professional)
  • second foreign language
  • work experience internship
  • pre-graduation internship

A list of academic disciplines is offered for students of the specialty "Tourism" to select:

  • foreign language (business correspondence)
  • foreign language (professional)
  • second foreign language (professional)
  • information technologies in the international tourism business
  • pricing in tourism
  • economics of international tourism
  • logistics of tourist flows
  • tourism business management
  • innovative technologies in tourism
  • psychology of interpersonal communication
  • tourism development strategy
  • business planning of tourist enterprises
  • socio-cultural tourism service
  • information technologies in the tourism business
  • methodology of tourist support
  • communication management
  • regional tourism development management
  • monitoring of the travel services market
  • advertising and PR in tourism
  • the basics of hospitality
  • catering services
  • organization of business tourism activities

After a full course of training, you can: 

occupy the following positions:

  • tourist service manager;
  • provider of trips (excursions);
  • travel consultant;
  • instructor of health and sports tourism;
  • the inspector of tourism;
  • expert in tourist security.

work at:

  • Tour &Travel Agency;
  • public authorities machine and local self-government;
  • representative offices of international companies.