International Law

Training period
  • bachelor – 4 years
Form of study
  • full-time
  • extra-mural

List of educational and professional program components

Disciplines of the general training cycle:

  • history of the doctrines of the state and law
  • theory of international relations
  • international relations and world politics
  • public international law (basic theory)
  • public international law (major industries and institutes)
  • international private law
  • history of international law
  • general history of the state and law
  • international economic law
  • FEA management
  • international information and information and analytical activities in international relations
  • country studies (Asia and Africa, Europe, North and South America, Australia)
  • roman private law
  • theory of state and law
  • legal systems of the present
  • rhetoric
  • translation theory and practice
  • Latin
  • comparative administrative law
  • comparative criminal law and process
  • Ukraine's foreign policy
  • constitutional law of Ukraine
  • diplomatic protocol and etiquette
  • management and marketing
  • conflictology and negotiation theory
  • comparative constitutional law
  • comparative civil law and process

Disciplines of the cycle of vocational training:

  • European Union law
  • international legal mechanisms for the protection of human rights
  • the right of external relations
  • the law of international treaties
  • Institute of International Legal Responsibility in the modern MP

is prepared to work in:
  • embassies;
  • ministries of Ukraine, government bodies of various levels;
  • consulting and auditing foreign firms;
  • structural units of government;
  • foreign companies and representative offices;
  • businesses that work in the field of foreign policy;
  • international organizations.
May hold the following positions:
  • diplomatic representative;
  • international lawyer;
  • expert in international law;
  • lawyer;
  • expert analyst, political columnist;
  • political columnist;
  • translator-interpreter.