49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Department of General Medicine

Завідувач кафедри загальної медицини

Leonid V. Hirin

Head of the department, Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor

The department is established for the purpose of licensing educational activities in specialty 222 "Medicine" Branch of Knowledge 22 "Health" second level higher education Master.

The task of the department - formation of the ability to apply the acquired knowledge, skills, abilities and understanding from the humanitarian, fundamental and professionally oriented disciplines to solve typical tasks of the doctor in the field of health care in the corresponding position, the scope of which is provided by definite lists of syndromes and symptoms of diseases, physiological states and somatic diseases requiring special treatment of patients, urgent states, laboratory and instrumental research, medical manipulation.

The University's was created the working group (design group) of scientific and pedagogical workers and the presence of those responsible for the training of applicants for higher education in specialty 222 "Medicine" Branch of Knowledge 22 "Health" second level higher education Master.

Conducting lectures on educational disciplines by scientific and pedagogical workers at the main place of work: 50 % having a degree and / or a degree; 25 % having a scientific degree of a doctor of sciences or a professor's academic degre.

List of educational and professional program components

Disciplines of professional training cycle:

  • Latin and medical terminology
  • medical biology
  • biological and bioorganic chemistry
  • human anatomy
  • histology, cytology and embryology
  • physiology
  • microbiology, virology and immunology
  • pathophysiology
  • pathomorphology
  • clinical anatomy and surgical surgery
  • human anatomy / basics of anatomy and physiology
  • anatomy with the basics of physiology
  • biology with the basics of genetics
  • history of medicine
  • microbiology with the basics of immunology
  • deontology in medicine
  • medical and biological physics
  • medical chemistry
  • medical informatics
  • training of reserve medical officers
  • phthisiology
  • propedeutics of internal medicine
  • radiology and radiation medicine
  • physical rehabilitation, sports medicine
  • hygiene and ecology

The university has specialized audiences and laboratories: chemistry; biology and anatomy of man with the basics of physiology; General medicine, phantom class; X-ray room; hygiene with the basics of microbiology and ecology; histology, cytology and embryology; life safety with the basics of labor protection; first medical aid; general and biological physics; Medical informatics; pharmacology and clinical pharmacy; Medical law etc. The University Dental Clinic was opened with the most modern equipment of the leading domestic and foreign firms.