49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Department of Performing Arts

Head of the Department of Stage Art

Taras V. Polkovenko

Head of the department, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate professor

Provides training in the field of performing arts.


  • The Art of Theatre and Cinema Acting
  • Directing drama
  • Theater studies

Among the most prominent professors are well-known actors:

  • Nina O. Ilyina – Professor, teacher of scenic language, Honored Artist of Ukraine, acting general director of the NSKU agency "Screen Actors Guild", President of the International Film Festival actors Stozhary, member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine;
  • L.N. Somov - professor, National Artist of Ukraine, winner of three prestigious theater prize Kyiv Pectoral, a leading actor of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater on the left bank, a member of the National Union of Theatrical Workers of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine, artistic director of the course;

The teaching staff actively participates in social activities of the University, in theatrical and cinematographic life of Ukraine – they are the organizers, participants and judges of nationwide and international film and theater festivals, reviews and creative competitions.

Their work and social activities are covered by leading mass media in Ukraine.

The department provides teaching of such professional and practical disciplines:
  • The basics of propedeutics in acting;
  • The basics of the Stanislavsky system in the skill of the actor;
  • Skill of the actor (principle of effective analysis);
  • Speech technique and stage expression of the actor;
  • Scenic language. Literary composition;
  • Solo singing;
  • Choreography theory and basics of classical dance and pantomime;
  • The basics of characteristic and folk-dance;
  • Choreographic forms of folk-dance;
  • Choreographic forms of modern dance;
  • Scenic Movement;
  • Plastic expressiveness of the actor;
  • Special Practical Course 1. Fencing;
  • Special Practical Course 2. Scenic combat;
  • Solfeggio and vocals;
  • Music in the theater;
  • Make-up;
  • History and Theory of World Literature;
  • History of Ukrainian Theatre;
  • History of directing;
  • Theory of Drama and Laws of Scenic Art;
  • Actor skill in Stage expression;
  • Skill actor and director in Stage expression;
  • Directing and acting;
  • Dramatic systems of the twentieth century and analysis of spectacle.

The Department provides tuition in the subjects:

  • Stagecraft;
  • Scenic language (Russian, Ukrainian);
  • Choreography (folk, ballroom, modern);
  • Stage Movement;
  • Fencing;
  • Music and plastic Education;
  • Stage Combat;
  • Vocal;
  • Stage make-up;
  • University Education;
  • The history of cinema;
  • Directing;
  • Staging and stage technology;
  • History and Theory of directing;
  • Stage Music;
  • Theater studies.

For students’ professional training KIU educational theater, fitted with modern light and sound equipment, Minor concert hall, dance hall, acting workshops, art history classrooms are available.

The educational process is conducted in bright rooms, built according to European standards, equipped with the latest technology, video projectors, plasma TV, stereo, piano, synthesizers.

The dance hall is fitted with mirrors and choreographic bar.
Classes of Plastic arts and vocal are conducted to the accompaniment of a professional accompanist.
For scenic language classes, Minor concert hall is equipped with a stage, mirrors, a piano.

Actors’ training studio is equipped with stage props – screens and cubes, spacious dressing room, separate make-up room, as well as - the pride of KIU – a large gymnasium, where the lessons of stage movement, fencing and plastic arts.

To the students’ services are: TV studio, music recording studio where they can film and record sound, make clips, presentation vides, short films.
Students of actors’ workshops since their first year of study participate in popular television programs as actors and presenters, in cultural events and festivals, performances in theaters, in the filming of TV series and commercials.