49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Department of Psychology and Pedagogy

Head of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy

Irina V. Drozdova

Head of the Department, Docter of Medical sciences

The department of psychology and pedagogy prepares specialists of the specialty "Psychology" by degrees of bachelor and master; in specialty "Educational, pedagogical sciences", "Secondary education" by degree of master and provides teaching unit of psychological, sociological and pedagogical disciplines in the field of institutes and faculties KyIU.

Professors of the department are experts in different fields of psychology: medical psychology, pedagogical psychology, practical psychology, training technologies in psychology.

The department provides teaching of such professional and practical disciplines:
  • Psychology
    • History of Psychology;
    • Pedagogics;
    • "Theoretical bases of entry into the specialty";
    • "Introduction to General Psychology";
    • "Feeling and perception";
    • "Attention, memory, thinking, speech";
    • "Imagination, emotions, will";
    • "Consciousness, self-awareness, activity, self-knowledge";
    • "Theoretical basis of personality psychology";
    • Age, pedagogical, clinical, engineering, social, political and legal psychology;
    • Theoretical Methods and Psychological Research;
    • Functions and Work specificity of practical psychologist;
    • Psychodiagnostics;
    • Interpersonal Communication;
    • Differential psychophysiology;
    • Labour Psychology;
    • Basic Psychoanalysis;
    • Methods to Conduct Psychological Expertise;
    • Fundamentals of Individual Councelling;
    • Mathematical Methods in Psychology;
    • Vocational Guidance and Vocational Selection;
    • Rhetoric.
    • Psychology
      • Pedagogy and Psychology of a Higher School;
      • Methodology of Teaching at Higher school;
      • Psychological Basics of Strategic Management;
      • Theoretical and Methodological Problems of Psychology;
      • Psychology of Mass Behaviour;
      • Psychological technologies of business consulting and business training;
      • Psychological Support of Negotiating Process;
      • Psychology of creativity and image;
      • Gender Psychocology;
      • Clinical Psychodiagnostics;
      • Organizational Psycology;
      • Basics of Psychotherapeutics;
      • Technologies of Psychological Consulting;
      • Psychopharmacology;
      • Gerontological Psychology;
      • Crisis psychological counseling;
      • Modern psycho-correction techniques in practical psychology;
      • Problems of psychological compatibility in practical activity.
    • Educational, pedagogical sciences
      • Theory and Practice of Higher Vocational Education in Ukraine;
      • Pedagogical and Professional Psychology;
      • Regulatory support of the education system;
      • Simulation of the Professional’s Activity;
      • Systematic Approach in Higher Education;
      • Pedagogical Monitoring in the Educational System;
      • Didactic Systems of Higher Education;
      • Innovative learning technologies;
      • Social and Environmental Safety activity;
      • Training of professional self-awareness;
      • Teacher’s Psychological Training;
      • Methodology of Pre-higher school Teaching;
      • Organizational Psycology.
    • Secondary education
      • Pedagogics;
      • Pedagogical and Professional Psychology;
      • Pedagogical Monitoring in the Educational System;
      • Didactic systems in education;
      • Methodology of foreign language teaching;
      • Methodology of teaching foreign literature;
      • Methods of education;
      • Pedagogical skills;
      • Pedagogical Rhetoric;
      • Modern Educational Technologies;
      • Teacher’s Psychological Training.

    Results of research work of the professors are comprised in manuals, textbooks and lectures. Teaching process is realized at specialized laboratories, namely laboratory of experimental psychology, laboratory of applied and practical psychology and laboratory of professional efficiency of psychologists.

    Training centre makes it possible to hold trainings both during class (class disciplines) and independent (Psychological Service) studies. Students can attend communication trainings, trainings of personal development, art-therapy, symbolic dramas, etc.

    Individual consulting room is for senior students to consult students from other institutes and departments, with experienced professors supervising the process.

    Professors of the Department of Psychology and students of the corresponding speciality set up Psychological Service in October of 2005. The Service is aimed at professional and personal development of students, post-graduate students, university personnel, etc.