49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Department of Computer Science

Завідувач кафедри комп'ютерних наук

Leonid N. Shcherbak

Head of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

The Department of Computer Science as a separate unit in the Faculty of Information Technologies provides training in higher education bachelor's degrees.

IT is one of the most progressive directions in the development of the global civilisation. The demand for programmers in the labor market is steadily high. Due to the development of IT the world calls for more and more specialists apt to find the needed information, to process different global information flows and create a useful information product, or modern information systems and networks architecture, software, data and databases processing and also know potential sources of information leaks and methods of enterprise security. That’s why each civilised human being is to possess them and this knowledge is to be constantly growing. Basic knowledge and the best positive experience intrinsic in any science are to be stored.

Educational activities

The department provides teaching of the following professional and practical subjects:

  • Information Security in Computer Networks,
  • Informatics and Modern Information Systems and Technologies,
  • Mathematical Programming,
  • Modern Information Technologies,
  • Advanced mathematics,
  • дискретна математика,
  • Probability Theory,
  • Probability Processes and Mathematical Statistics,
  • Algorithm Theory,
  • Numerical Analyses,
  • Mathematical Methods of Operational Research,
  • Theory of Decision-making,
  • Physics,
  • Algorythmisation and Computer Programming,
  • Operating Systems,
  • Data Base and Knowledge Organization,
  • Intellectual Data Analysis,
  • Computer Graphics,
  • Systematic Analysis,
  • System Modeling,
  • Design of Information Systems,
  • Methods and Systems of Artificial Intelligence,
  • Computer Networks,
  • Object-oriented Programming,
  • WEB-technologies and WEB-design,
  • Cross-platform Programming,
  • Technology of software creation,
  • Technologies of Computer-aided Design,
  • Technologies of Information Security,
  • Technologies of Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing,
  • IT-Project Management,
  • Computer Circuit Design and Computer Architecture,
  • Economic information.

Scientific work of the Department

The research work of scientific and pedagogical staff of the department is carried out within the framework of the agreement on cooperation with the Institute of Technical Thermophysics of the NAS of Ukraine (department of monitoring and optimization of thermophysical processes).

The main direction of scientific research of the department - informatization of the Ukrainian society and solving scientific and technical problems of ensuring the functioning of complex technical systems using SIT.

Results of scientific researches are reflected in articles, collections of scientific works, monographs, manuals both in Ukraine and abroad.

At the department under the direction of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Leonid N. Shcherbak operates a scientific school "Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Complex Objects and Systems", whose activity is related to the development of mathematical and software technologies for modeling, analysis and optimal synthesis of structured dynamic systems, the development of theory and methods of estimation in conditions of uncertainty and conflict , by creating decision support systems for analyzing technical socio-economic and environmental processes.

Among the bases of practical training students should distinguish such known vitchyznanyanoho Developer Program software as Persha Studia.