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Selective disciplines

To draw up an individual student plan for the educational-professional program, it is necessary to choose disciplines from the list and submit a corresponding application to the Directorate of the Institute / Dean's office of the faculty. Students have the right to choose disciplines within the chosen educational program and from other educational programs in accordance with the Regulations on the procedure and conditions for students to choose elective disciplines.

We remind you that the university has certificate programs, which can be found on the university website. The choice of the certificate program and its successful passing can be credited as a result of one of the elective disciplines (at the request of the student).

Certificate programs:

  • Certificate program "Entrepreneurial Startup"
  • Certificate program "International Law: Mechanisms for the Protection of Human Rights"
  • Certificate program "IT-Project Management"
  • Certificate program "East Asian Studies"
  • Certificate program "Medical insurance in Ukraine"
  • Training course "Information technologies in translation"
  • Training course "English for IT professionals"
  • Training course "Business startup-school"
  • Training course "English language of telephone conversations and e-mail correspondence"
  • Training course "English for negotiations and agreements"

Registration for certificate programs is carried out in the Center for Public and International Relations - office. 207 (tel .: +38 044 594 03 04)

In the presence of a certificate of completion of the course / program, the results are credited as the results of the study of the elective discipline with entry in the individual plan of the student.

To choose a discipline, you need to follow the link using the Google form and fill out the application.

Before choosing, read the annotations of the disciplines.

Elective courses for students of the Bachelor's degree:

  • educational program "Management"

Elective courses for students of the Master's degree:

  • educational program "Dentistry"
  • educational program "Medicine"