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Президент Київського міжнародного університету

Khachaturian Khachatur Volodymyrovych

Scientific School "English Language Teaching Methods of Professor Kh. V. Khachaturian"

Scientific supervisor:
Khachaturian Kh. V., Candidate of Philological science (PhD), Professor, President of KyMU.

Main tasks:
- research and implementation of Professor Kh. V. Khachaturian’s author’s methodology of foreign languages teaching: studing its fundamental principles, the communicative approach, the use of authentic materials during the training, musical accompaniment, modeling of real communicative situations, which facilitates the assimilation of linguistic units in typical communicative contexts and the creation of real conditions for oral and written foreign communication;
- identification of the scientific potential of the University, which will promote its perspective development as an outstanding scientific and methodological linguistic center of Ukraine.

Артемова Любов Вікторівна

Artemova Lyubov Viktorivna

Scientific School "Problems of theory and practice of upbringing and education of preschool children, schoolchildren, students"

Scientific supervisor:
Dr. L.V. Artemov, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Head of Postgraduate studies Department.

The aim of the research:
- studying different forms of methodological work with teachers of institutions of secondary, vocational and higher education on the issues of upbringing children's value attitude towards people through the education system.

Main task:
- improving the professional training of scientific and pedagogical specialists and implementing the methods into work with children aimed at involving children to the system of values, culture and traditions of the Ukrainian people.

Мартиненко Світлана Миколаївна

Martynenko Svetlana Mykolaivna

Scientific School "Formation of Higher School Teachers’ Communicative Competence"

Scientific supervisor:
Dr. S.M. Martynenko, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, Vice-Rector for University Development.

The aim of the research:
- formation and development of teachers’ social and communicative skills and abilities at the institutions of higher education, improvement of vocational competence.

Main task:
implementation of active communication technologies to the educational process, overcoming barriers in professional communication.

Щербак Леонід Миколайович

Scherbak Leonid Mykolayovych

Scientific School "Mathematical and Computer Modeling of Complex Objects and Systems"

Scientific supervisor:
Dr. L.M. Scherbak, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Head of the Department of Computer Science.

The aim of the research:
- development of the actual information technologies of mathematical and computer modeling, analysis and synthesis of the operation of complex objects and systems.

Main task:
- development of theory and methods of evaluation in conditions of uncertainty and conflict, creation of decision support systems for the analysis of technical socio-economic and environmental processes.

Ступницький Ростислав Миколайович

Stupnitsky Rostislav Mykolayovych

Scientific School «Clinical-experimental study of patients with partial loss of teeth using the latest technologies»

Scientific supervisor:
Stupnitsky Rostislav Mykolayovych, Doctor of Medical Sciences Professor, Dean of the Dental Faculty, Honored Doctor of Ukraine.

The aim of the research:
substantiation of conceptual bases of treatment of patients with partial loss of teeth on the basis of experimentally tested methods of diagnosis, outlining of adequate treatment and preventive measures on the basis of application of the latest technologies.

Main task:
to study the problem of treatment of patients of different age with certain complications, to determine the parameters of their protection, to work out a complex of therapeutic and preventive measures for the purpose of correction and carrying out of complex treatment, to create a computer model of the application of the structures of the combined denture, to introduce the methodology of treatment in health care institutions.

Мушкудіані Олександр Нестерович

Mushkudiani Oleksander Nesterovych

Student Scientific Society "Classical Heritage and Modernity"

Scientific supervisor:
Dr. O.N. Mushkudiani, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Professor of the Department of Audiovisual Arts and Production.

The Scientific Student Society was established to study the theory and history of social communications, journalism, publishing and editing, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, applied social and communication technologies, linguistics and art studies.

Ющук Іван Пилипович

Ivan Pylypovich Yuschuk

Student Scientific Society " Methods of Ukrainian Language Teaching "

Scientific supervisor:
Dr. I.P. Yushchuk, Candidate of Philological Science, Professor, Head of the Department of Slavic Philology and General Linguistics.

Main task:
- research in the area of general linguistics and Slavic linguistics, in particular Ukrainian and Russian, fiction translation and folk art, as well as the development of curricula in the Ukrainian language, taking into account the latest achievements of psychology and methods of language teaching.