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Research Focus Areas

Scientific work is an intellectual creative activity aimed at obtaining and using new knowledge. Its main forms are fundamental and applied scientific research (Law of Ukraine «On scientific and scientific and technical activities»).

As is generally known, scientific research along with educational and pedagogical processes is an integral part of any educational institution. At the University the scientific activities have been carried out since its foundation. The themes of scientific research projects of the University departments are registered in UkrISTEI (Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information).

Theme of the research: Reforming of Ukraine’s Legal System in the conditions of national and international tendencies of legal and social state building
Supervisor: Yu.M. Panfilova, Director of the Law Institute, Ph.D., Associate Professor.
State registration number: 0108U008609
Theme of the research: Substantiation of criteria for the creation and standardization of promising active pharmaceutical ingredients and therapeutic agents on the basis of plant material
Supervisor: Dr. A.V. Gudzenko, M.D., Professor
State registration number: 0115U004255
Theme of the research: Organizational mechanism of investments attraction to the Ukraine’s economy
Supervisor: Dr. V.I. Vynohradchyy, Head of the Faculty of Economics, Doctor of Economics, Professor.
State registration number: 0116U005371