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International activity of KyIU

Within the framework of inter-university agreements, the University collaborates with partner higher educational institutions of the USA, China, Russia, Japan, Portugal, Poland, France, Latvia. Based on the current requirements, Kyiv International University is an active participant in EU projects Tempus, Erasmus Plus, Horizon 2020, which contribute to the expansion of partnerships with European universities. Beginning with the academic year 2003–2004, the Kyiv International University has been an active member of European projects under the EU TEMPUS.

During this period six projects developed at KyIU received funding the EU and were implemented in cooperation with European universities:
  • Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia ( Greece);
  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona (Spain);
  • University of Cordoba (Spain);
  • University of Applied Sciences, Mittweida ( Germany);
  • “La Sapienza” University of Rome, University of Parma (Italy).

1. 2003 - “EU Standards in Teaching International Tourism Economics”.

2. 2004 - “European Student Self-Governance Practice in Ukrainian Universities”.

3. 2005 - “Modernization of International Relations Offices”.

4. 2006 - “European-Ukrainian approach to the Inter-University Rating System in Ukraine”.

5. 2008 - “Crisis Analysis and Decision Making in Ukraine”.

6. 2012 - “Human Security (environment, quality of food, public health and society on Territories Contaminated by Radiocactive Agents”.

Within the framework of the projects computer labs and a videoconference room were equipped which are now used for lectures by European professors in Kyiv Internationsl University:

  • Ph.D. Aleksandra Synoviec (Silesian University of Technology, Poland) conducted 20 hours of lectures and seminars related to sociology of mass communications (September, 2013);
  • Ph.D. Riccardo Menghi (Dusseldorf University, Germany) conducted 30 hours of lectures and seminars related to EU competition system and regulation of market (December 2013-January 2014);
  • Ph.D. Elena Cherepanova (Cambridge College and the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (Boston, USA)) conducted 6 hours Skype training related to the human behavior in critical situations and after the overcoming stress syndrome within the program "Doctors without Borders” (May 24, 2014).

The University's international activitiy aimes at ensuring its integration with the international academic community to create optimal conditions for academic mobility of students and teachers, implementation of joint educational programs and research training. The university's partners are universities, educational institutions of Great Britain, France, Poland, Moldova, Latvia, Georgia, China.

Partner Universities