49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Lyceum of KyIU

The Lyceum at Kyiv International University was opened in 2009 on the 15th anniversary of the founding of Kyiv International University.

TThe Lyceum at Kyiv International University is a third-grade secondary educational institution. We provide scientific, theoretical, humanitarian, and cultural training for gifted children. Our mission is to develop professional competences in prospective specialists.

Profile education is started for the purpose of forming key competencies in high school students, to acquire the skills required for independent scientific-practical, research activities, the desire for self-development and self-education.

Lyceum's tasks:
  • Education of a physically healthy generation;
  • Creation of conditions for general secondary education at the level of state standards;
  • Formation of intellectual, professional, special abilities and skills;
  • Development of naturally positive tendencies, abilities and talents, creative thinking, need and ability to improve oneself;
  • Formation of civic responsibility, education of self-esteem, readiness for work, and personal responsibility;
  • Creation of favorable conditions for self-expression of the students personality in different activities, moral, mental, and physical development;
  • Empowering students to meet their creative needs;
  • Search and selection for the education of creatively gifted and capable children;
  • Updating the content of education, development and testing of new pedagogical technologies, methods and forms of teaching and upbringing;
  • Education of leaders, development of student self-government.
Lyceum's priorities:
  • Working languages of Lyceum are Ukrainian and English;
  • Foreign languages are studied according to the methodology of the rector of Kyiv International University, Professor Khachaturian Khachatur Volodymyrovich;
  • A second foreign language is an elective of the high school student: German, French, and Spanish.
Learning process:
  • The provision of quality general secondary education is guaranteed by the content of the curricula and programs, which have been designed with the best national and international experience;
  • Widespread use in the educational process of modern computer, interactive, training technologies. Use of modern information retrieval systems, multimedia equipment, access to the Internet. Use of the most up-to-date scientific and methodological literature, specialized classes and laboratories contribute to the high quality of student preparation.
Scientific and methodological base:
  • Providing the necessary scientific and methodological literature;
  • Application of theoretical and empirical methods of cognition, methods of modeling, testing, experiment, etc.;
  • Development of students' creative potential, involving them in different types of scientific and methodical activity.
Cultural sphere:
  • Raising the level of general culture in high school students, meeting their aesthetic and spiritual needs through attending exhibitions, theaters, museums, participation in creative competitions, festivals.

The advanced techniques, facilities and resource base of the Lyceum meets the standards of secondary educational institutions: specialized classrooms (physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics); linguistic offices; computer classes, Internet access; assembly and sports halls; courtroom; office of psychological relaxation; library, reading room; conference room; wardrobe; dining room.

Teaching staff:
  • Educational process is provided by experienced pedagogical workers who have appropriate education, vocational training; provide systematic in-depth knowledge; develop students' practical skills;
  • Preparing for the future profession; increase the overall level of culture.

The Lyceum of Kyiv International University is a modern innovative specialized educational institution that unites the youth of Kyiv and all the regions of Ukraine, develops and improves abilities, creative inclinations of high school students, educates leaders, prepares competitive, educated, harmoniously developed youth.