Vice-rector for international cooperation

Iryna V. Timenko

Candidate of Philology, Professor.

Iryna V. Timenko – Candidate of Philological Sciences, professor, vice-rector of international activities in KyIU.

She has a 24-year experience working in higher educational institutions.

Direction of interests - investigation of new trends in modern English vocabulary formation, the study of lexical units functioning in speech.

Iryna V. Timenko has several manuals in the course of English Stylistics, Comparative Stylistics and Phonetics of the English language, such as:

  • Lectures in “Stylistics of the English language”;
  • Practical work in stylistics of the English language and comparative stylistics of the English and Ukrainian languages;
  • Lectures in “Comparative Stylistics of the English and Ukrainian languages”;
  • Practical comparative stylistics of the English and Ukrainian languages;
  • Practical work in English Phonetics;
  • English for students of economic specialties.

One of her scientific work directions is also lexicography. Thus, "Frequency Dictionary of Contemporary English combinability” and “English-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-English dictionary” were compiled by her in collaboration.

While working at KyIU, more than 60 educational-training complexes for students and distance learning, masters and second higher education were developed by her.

Iryna V. Timenko participates actively in the department of Germanic languages working: carries out scientific researches, which are part of the research topic "Cognitive and discursive structures of the Germanic languages in the socio-cultural space of communication", registered in UkrISTEI; she manages the scientific work of students, reviews scientific manuals in foreign languages that come to print in various higher educational institutions of Ukraine, stands as opponent in defence of dissertation researches.