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President of Kyiv International University

Khachatur V. Khachaturyan

Founder of Kyiv International University, Professor.

Is a founder of the Kiev International University, a famous scientist, polyglot. He has higher technical and philological education. Candidate of philological sciences. Excellence in Education of Ukraine, Honorary Member of the European Association for International Education, Professor Emeritus of Georgetown University (USA), University of Oxford (UK) and Sorbonne University (France), Member of the International Polyglot Association.

Kh. Khachaturyan – is the famous scientist, the author of numerous research works and publications, the author of the original intensive foreign languages studying methods which are used in educational establishments of Ukraine and abroad.

His monographs include:

  • Monograph “Intensive foreign languages studying methods";
  • Monograph “Role game as an effective way of foreign languages studying";
  • Monograph “Foreign language studying by means of the absorption method";
  • Monograph “Foreign languages studying through activation of human language skills on the basis of music perception";
  • Educational manual on the basis of new methodological elaborations "English for Beginners";
  • Monograph “Foreign languages studying in bilingual conditions";
  • Monograph “Foreign language studying (methodological fundamentals of simultaneous two foreign languages studying by means of comparison)”;
  • Monograph “Innovations in public administration”;
  • Monograph “Domestic self-administration in the world historical process”;
  • Teaching manual “The pattern of self-administration for XXI century Ukraine”.

On the post of the University president Khachatur V. Khachaturyan managed to create a friendly University professorial staff who provide a high quality professional training of future specialists in international law, international economic relations, international relations, international information, country-study, TV-, radio journalism, international journalism, translators and foreign languages teachers, lawyers, managers of the social sphere, psychologists, political scientists. The main method of the President's management is his personal example. Education and creativity, professionalism and culture, patriotism and tolerance are the priorities in the University.

He has state and international rewards: “High achiever in education of Ukraine” reward (1999), “For Education Foundation” reward (2004), “Badge of Honour” (2004), rewarded with golden medal "For achievements in education" (2000), the Order of Knyaz Volodymyr the Great of the III rank (1999 ), the Order of Kyrylo and Mefodiy saints (2004), rewarded with Silver George's Medal "Honour, Glory, Labour” of the II rank with awarding the title "George's Knight", the order “Knight of Courage” (2004), rewarded with Cross of Honour "For spiritual revival" (2002).