49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Department of Social Communications

Head of the Department of Social Communications

Olha Y. Chebanova

Head of the department, Candidate of Philological sciences, associate professor

The department of mass media in the KIU was organised in 2002.

Basic courses read by the department:

  • Mass communication theory;
  • Communication theory and practice;
  • Rhetoric;
  • PR;
  • Ads and PR;
  • Mass communication sociology;
  • Social communications;
  • The world press services and information agencies;
  • Mass media marketing;
  • Theory and methods of creative journalism;
  • Speechwriting;
  • Ads and PR creative;
  • Journalists’ management and marketing;
  • Imageology;
  • Information policy and security;
  • Creative journalism psychology.

The department provides teaching of such professional and practical disciplines:
  • Extreme Journalism;
  • Ethics of professional communication;
  • Public Relations;
  • Cultural Studies;
  • History of Ukrainian Culture;
  • Anthropology of culture;
  • Communication Technology;
  • Cultural, Spiritual and Religious Traditions of World Countries;
  • International communication;
  • Organization of Editorial Work in Market Economy;
  • Organization and Running an Advertising Campaign;
  • Basics of the scientific research;
  • The basics of Public Relations;
  • Press-service;
  • Advertising and PR-creative;
  • PR tools in politics;
  • PR-tools in international relations;
  • Reporter's Work;
  • Rhetoric;
  • Sociology of Mass Communication;
  • Speechwriting;
  • Theory of Mass Communication;
  • Theory and Practice of Communications;
  • Oral speech technique in the media (practical course).
  • Research Methodology of Social Communications;
  • International relations and media;
  • Media monitoring and information models;
  • Public Relations;
  • Applied Social and Communication Technologies;
  • Rhetoric;
  • Theory and History of Social Communications;
  • Philosophy of Culture and Artistic Perception of Works of Art.

The improved level of professional training is achieved due to various types of practical training with the aims:

  • To upgrade students’ skills in mass-media jobs, to participate in providing coordination between sections in the editorial office or a company;
  • To take part in mass events in the editorial office or a company;
  • To appear in the press or on air with one’s own materials;
  • To carry out a research to provide functioning of a certain mass-media type with the results to be used in one’s bachelor or master thesis.

The prospective journalists acquire skills while undergo practical session in mass-media or ads firms.

Research work is an important component in the department’s activity

Main directions of academic research are the following:

  • Information processes and the society in Ukraine: joining the European and global information space.
  • Inmutation of the society due to social-and-communicative technologies.

The faculty supervises the work of post-graduates and doctoral candidates, whose specialty is 10.01.08 - journalism.

The department publishes collected articles: “the Herald of KIU”, the series: “social communications, journalism, media linguistics, cinema-and-TV art”.

The department organized and supervises the work of research teams:

  • social communication in Ukraine in the context of world science;
  • metatheory manipulation;
  • social communication technologies;
  • network communication theory

The department provides master-classes for students with well-known Ukrainian and foreign journalists, media managers, experts in ads and PR.