49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Department of Public-Law Disciplines

Head of the department of public-law disciplines

Olena S. Bisyuk

Head of the department, Candidate of Juridical sciences, associate professor

Public Law Disciplines Department operates as a separate division of the Institute of Law which provides training, educational, methodical, scientific and research work.

The department provides teaching of the subjects of civil-legal cycle in Ukrainian and English languages for the training of specialists in economic and legal specialty, namely: civil, family, civil and procedural, commercial, economic and procedural, financial, tax, labor, environmental, agrarian, banking, stock-market, housing, land, corporate, customs, copyright, enterprise law, the legal basis for business and investment, intellectual property, notarial system of Ukraine, violations and the consideration of certain categories of civil cases, legal regulation of currency and credit transactions, the legal framework of financial control, practical work on making civil and procedural documents, solution of commercial disputes in Ukraine.

The department provides teaching of such professional and practical disciplines:
  • Constitutional Law of Ukraine;
  • Municipal Law;
  • Judicial and law enforcement agencies;
  • Administrative Law and Procedure;
  • The organization of legal work;
  • Criminal law;
  • Criminal Procedural Law;
  • Financial law;
  • Agrarian Law;
  • Banking Law;
  • Exchange right;
  • Enforcement;
  • Investment Law;
  • Customs Law of Ukraine;
  • Notary of Ukraine;
  • Advocacy and prosecution Ukraine;
  • Sentencing and qualifying crimes;
  • Criminology;
  • Criminalistics;
  • Workshop on criminology.
  • Current Issues in Tax Law;
  • Current Issues in Financial Law;
  • Current Issues in Criminal Law;
  • Current Issues in Administrative Law;
  • Current Issues in Administrative Legal Proceedings;
  • Current Issues in Information Law;
  • Legal Fundamentals of Administration;
  • Modern concepts of information law research;
  • Theoretical approaches to the study of problems of financial law;
  • Research methodology issues of administrative law and procedure.

One of the directions of the teaching staff of the department is research work aimed to the studying of current problems of civil and family law application. The department started publishing lectures in basic subjects in both Ukrainian and English languages.

The staff of the department is involved in organizing and conducting international seminars, round tables at the university; among them are: "Reform of State and Law in the Context of European Integration", "Human Rights: international standards and national dimension", “Methods of preparing graduate study”.

Much attention is paid to the practical orientation of education. Among the lecturers of the department there are professional practitioners who help students apply their theoretical knowledge to practical work.

Public Law Disciplines Department provides students with internship in the committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the district courts of Kyiv and other legal institutions of private ownership and so on.

An integral part of the work of the department is to attract students to scientific work. The functioning of the department group "Experts in civil rights” contributes to the attraction of students to participate in international, national and regional scientific conferences, seminars, practical trainings in civil and family, labor, business and other areas of law. Traditional is the practice of annual role-games such as “Consideration of civil cases in court, "Experts in civil law”, etc. Tasks of the former scientific club are aimed at forming students' professional knowledge and skills in accordance with attracting and encouraging students for participation in scientific work.