49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Department of Germanic languages ​​and translation

Head of the Department of Germanic Languages and Translation

Oleksander M. Kinshchak

Head of the department, Candidate of Philological sciences, associate professor

The Department of Germanic Languages and Translation is a leading department at the Institute of Linguistics and Psychology of Kyiv International University ensuring teaching of all translation-related disciplines.

Professors of the department conduct both theoretical and practical courses in translation into/from Germanic (English, German) and ensures teaching situation training foreign language assistants and bilingual translators at the Institute of Linguistics and Psychology and the Institute of International Relations.

Teaching staff of the department is represented by highly qualified translators known in Ukraine and abroad as well as regular translators of fiction, judicial, economic, scientific and technical matter texts.

Shaping professional competence of would be translators and practical gaining oral and written translation skills are realized through practical trainings at state establishments and institutions (ministries and departments), diplomatic missions, foreign companies and the network of the Association of Ukrainian Translators units.

The department provides teaching of the following professional and practical subjects:

    • The Latin Language;
    • Fundamentals of Informatics and Applied Linguistics;
    • History of Foreign Literature;
    • Modern Foreign literature;
    • Introduction to Translation Study;
    • Introduction to Linguistics;
    • General Translation Theory;
    • Fundamentals of Scientific Research in Linguistics;
    • History of English; History of Translation;
    • Comparative Lexicology of the Ukrainian and English Languages;
    • English Stylistics;
    • Comparative Stylistics of the English and Ukrainian languages;
    • Practical and Comparative grammar of the English language;
    • Oral and Written Practice of the English language;
    • Practical English Language Course;
    • Practical Phonetics of the English language;
    • Practical Translation Course from English;
    • Practical Grammar and Phonetics of the second foreign language;
    • Oral and Written Practice of the;
    • Lingual Country Study of the second foreign language second foreign language;
    • General Theoretical Course of the second foreign language;
    • Practical Language Course of the second foreign language;
    • Lingual Country Study of the English language;
    • Practical Course of the English language (in professional direction);
    • Fundamentals of Translation Analysis;
    • Fundamentals of Professional Translator's Activities;
    • Introduction to scientific and technical translation;
    • Translation of Official and Business Discourse ;
    • Fundamentals of the Text Translation Analysis;
    • Editing of Scientific and Technical Translation.

    • Consecutive and Written Translation from English;
    • Technique of expression of the translator;
    • Language interpretation;
    • Translation from the Native Language;
    • scientific and technical translation;
    • Translating and Editing Literary Texts;
    • Features translate legal documents;
    • Problems of Communicative Linguistics;
    • Computer lexicography and translation;
    • Machine translation; sociolinguistics;
    • Modern Information Technologies in professional activity;
    • Rhetorics;
    • Basics of the theory of intercultural communication;
    • Methodology of Teaching Translation;
    • Pedagogics and Pshychology of Higher Education Institutions;
    • Methodology of scientific research.

    There is made use of both domestic and foreign textbooks and manuals compiled by the professors of the department, authentic textual and audio materials from the UN, OSCE, Council of Europe, NATO, new learning technologies, computer translation and editing software, etc.

    The corresponding curriculum sets forth a wide range of practical trainings. Students get their first practical experience at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Department of European Integration, American Culture Centre, UN mission to Ukraine, European commission and OSCE missions to Ukraine, US, German, Egyptian embassies, Association of Translators of Ukraine, Goethe Institute, etc.

    The researches of scientists are aimed at the development of current general linguistic and translation problems in the form of monographs, scientific articles, teaching aids, student coursework, master's works, as well as reports of the teachers of the department and students at international, all-Ukrainian and inter-university conferences.

    The department initiates annual translation contests, winners of which take part in all-Ukrainian contests.

    The department has prolific scientific links with leading translation departments at Ukrainian, American and Germany universities.