49, Lvivska St., Kyiv, 03179, Ukraine
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Department of Audiovisual Arts and Production

Head of the department of audiovisual art and production

Yuliia V. Usenko

Head of the department, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

Department of Audiovisual Arts and Production provides training of specialists in audiovisual arts and productiont.

The department provides teaching of such professional and practical disciplines:
  • Introduction to Specialty
  • History of Material Culture and Living
  • History of music and musical literature
  • Sound and music in film and television
  • History of fine arts
  • History of directing
  • History of world cinema
  • History of Ukrainian cinema
  • History of television
  • Fundamentals of cinema
  • Mastery of performing
  • Fundamentals of directing
  • Film and television directing
  • Editing
  • Speech culture
  • Skill of cinematographer
  • The art of audiovisual advertising
  • Mastery of anchorman
  • Organization of cinema and TV production
  • Producer's Practical Training Session
  • Scenography of theater, film and television
  • TV Journalistics
  • Techniques of video recording and editing
  • Photography and film picture material
  • Theory Directing Film and Television
  • Socio-cultural component in the field of cinema and television
  • Production
  • Audiovisual communication on television
  • Communicative manipulations in cinema and television
  • Directing a motion picture
  • Writing and editorial matter
  • Nonfiction in cinema and television
  • Mastery of communication with the audience
  • Modern Dramaturgical Technologies of the World TV Broadcasting
  • Technology of Creative Production relations in film and television
  • Technology of Creative Production relations in film and television
  • Imageology of a Modern TV and Radio Presenter
  • Marketing communication technologies in the screen arts
  • Copyright, etc.

Students' Practice is an integral component of the educational process at the Department of Audiovisual Arts and Production. The aim is to provide practical training of students in modern methods, forms and instruments of labor organization in their future profession, forming their professional skills for making independent decisions during field work in the real market and production conditions, based on the knowledge obtained in Kyiv International University, updating their knowledge systematically and creatively applying it in practice.

Students can practice at the leading television channels of Ukraine.

The main areas of research activities:

  • Formation of television information space in Ukraine and abroad
  • Analysis of Ukrainian and European TV journalism and TV directing and its impact on the national traditions
  • Implementation of ideas that are spread in the media into the socio-political, economic, cultural life of the Ukrainian State

Scientific Theme of the Department:

  • "Scientific-practical study of the creative process in various arts (film, television, theater)”.

The educational process is widely uses the opportunities and of educational and production TV studio of KIU:

  • conducting lessons in "Skills of continuity announcer and moderator", “Stagecraft”, "Cinema and TV directing ", "Camera operating skills", "Cross-cutting";
  • acting classes are held in specially equipped rehearsal rooms;
  • led by experienced supervisors, students prepare educational course and diploma works in specially equipped studios, computer editing studios;
  • at the TV studio prodused programs issues "Student ticket" broadcast on 17 TV channels in Ukraine.