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History of the University

International activities of the Kyiv International University (KyIU)

One of the principal areas of the Kyiv International University’s activities involves the development of all types of international cooperation, its integration into the international community of universities in the framework of the Bologna process and European integration.

Carrying out the relevant tasks in the learning process implies:

  • to use the experience of foreign establishments of higher education;
  • to learn foreign languages as a priority task in the KyIU’s activities;
  • to draw native speakers – professional teachers to teach foreign languages;
  • to provide senior students’ with teaching of occupational disciplines in foreign languages;
  • to provide students with short-term and long-term practice at the Ukrainian enterprises;
  • to provide the students exchange with the universities of Europe and Asia;
  • to introduce novel teaching strategies approved in Ukraine and abroad.

The usage of research results and authors’ methodologies produced by the KyIU staff and foreign academics is one of the priorities for our university. Among those one can cite the foreign language intensive learning methodology – the work of the authorship by the KyIU president, prof. Khachatur Khachaturyan, which is successfully implemented at foreign languages learning centres in Philadelphia, USA and in “Intercontact”, Belgium. The head of the Slavonic philology and linguistics subdepartment prof. Ivan Yushchuk maintains close ties with the Novi Sad and Belgrade Universities, Serbia, where the Ukrainian language is studied by his textbooks.

The efficient form of boosting the teaching process for future experts in international relations is the participation of the KyIU’s students’ teams in the national and international “The International Students’ Court” competitions that are conducted exclusively in English with the adherence of international requirements adopted in the Netherlands and USA for such traditional events. During the recent half-decade the KyIU students have been winners in the national competition rounds on International Law. They will represent Ukraine in the Hague, the Netherlands and Washington, USA.

The setup of researches joint with international educational establishments is in the mainstream of the University’s activity. A prolific cooperation is being carried out with academics and researchers affiliated with the Tokyo Peoples’ Friendship University, Japan, the Moscow State Lomonosov University, Russia, the Modern Languages Higher School for translators in the Bologna University, Italy, the Lisbon University, Portugal, “La Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy, the Jinan and Nankai Universities, PRC.

Professors and associate professors affiliated with KyIU take part in developing international cooperation programs.

The University’s research and educational personnel includes 85 % of the affiliated staff are Doctors of Sciences and Candidates of Sciences. During recent 18 years the academic personal won 19 patents and certificates of protection, 19 people are members of foreign academies and international scientific societies.

Starting from the 2003-2004 academic year the Kyiv International University has participated actively in a number of European projects in the framework of the EU TEMPUS-TASIS programme.

The European Commission granted financing to our University for the following projects:

  • “The European standards in international tourist industry learning” (the TEMPUS programme); foreign partners – the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia, Greece, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain;
  • “The European Practice of students’ self-governance in Ukrainian universities” (the TEMPUS programme); foreign partners – the University of Dunkirk, France; the National Students’ Union, Great Britain;
  • “The International Cooperation offices’ Upgrade” (the TEMPUS programme); foreign partners – the University of Cordoba, Spain; the University of Applied Sciences, Mittweida, Germany; “La Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy;
  • “European-Ukrainian Approach to defining the cross-university ranking in Ukraine” (the TEMPUS programme); foreign partners – the University of Cordoba, Spain; the Warsaw School of Economics, Poland;
  • “Human security” (environment, quality of food, public health and society on Territories Contaminated by Radioactive Agents) (the TEMPUS programme); foreign partners - University of Parma, Italy; Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden; Belarusian State University, Belarus; University of Cordoba, Spain.

Due to implementation of international drafts we fit out a classroom for videoconferences that is used by European academics for delivering lectures and the University Resource Centre was also arranged.

Within the framework of inter-university agreements, the University collaborates with partner higher educational institutions of the China, Poland, France.

The students have the possibility for professional realization in Ukraine and in the European Union due to the collaboration of Kyiv International university with the University in Dabrowa Górnicza (WSB University, Poland), Sopot Higher School (SSW, Poland), Katowice School of Economics (GWSH, Poland).