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Institute of Law

 Yuliia M. Panfilov

Yuliia M. Panfilov

Director of the Institute, Candidate of Juridical science, associate professor
The educational process at the Law Institute is provided by the departments:

Scientific work

Major research areas: "International, legal, political and economic principles of European integration of Ukraine" and "Protection of human rights: international and national aspects".

Lecturers and students of the the Institute of Law actively participate in international, national and regional scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables, which are held in other academic institutions.

In recent years, professors of the Institute produced 12 monographs, 20 textbooks and manuals; 20 lectures (lectures); 150 scientific articles; 200 abstracts on the results of scientific conferences; 3 doctoral and 20 master's theses on the theme of the Institute; conducted a large number of conferences.

The Week of Law is annually held in the Institute (intellectual game "Erudite in Law” for students, the Rome tournament for first-year students, contests, quizzes, debate court). Institute students have also an opportunity to prove themselves in research work. The International Student Conference is annually held in KyIU. Best students who expressed interest in scientific work are credited to the Master's and postgraduate studies.

In addition to theoretical training, students have an opportunity to get practical knowledge in the local courts, district administrations, pre-trial investigation bodies, bodies of Notaries, customs, legal departments and State Executive Service. Bases of practice for future lawyers are local courts in Kyiv, district administrations, Department of Justice, executive services, law firms.

Centre for International Law

Kyiv International University has one of the strongest programs of participation in competitions with international law in Ukraine, the implementation of which is entrusted to the Centre for International Law. The first experience of participating teams in the competitions of the University of international law was in February 2000. In subsequent years, the University teams won all the national competitions with international law and eight years straight had the right to represent Ukraine at the international competitions in Washington (United States), The Hague (Netherlands).

Within the Centre for International Law university teams prepare to participate in many other competitions, including competition with international humanitarian law named after Jeanne Pikte, competition with EU law for Central and Eastern Europe countries, competition in international commercial arbitration and competition in international criminal law.

For practical learning there are specialized classrooms equipped with the latest technologies:

  • Criminalistic ground. This classroom is meant for training of practical skills in investigating criminal cases. Students can watch specialized training films there; work on crime events; have trainings in methods of interrogation, the removal of physical evidence etc.
  • Judicial lecture room is meant for training trials. Students have an opportunity to feel like participants of a trial, be in the role of judge, prosecutor or defender.
  • Legal Clinic is made after the model of law firm that provides services to the public. Students with the head of the clinic receive citizens providing legal advice under and helping to draft documents.

Important role in the academic process plays a modern educational library, which provides students with textbooks, codes, regulations, periodicals, teaching aids, books, lectures teachers.

Students’ life

Students of the Institute have practice in the Committees of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Administration of President of Ukraine, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, ministries, judicial and law enforcement.

In the Institute of Law seminars and practical classes are conducted in English, which enables students to master professional legal terminology.

Students have an opportunity to actively co-operate with international human rights organizations, including the International Society for Human Rights, as well as participate in international conferences and round tables.

In 2004 according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Institute introduced a credit-modular system of education that allows students to show activity not only during examinations, but also throughout the study.

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