Musical Art

Training period
  • bachelor – 4 years
Form of study
  • full-time

List of educational and professional program components

Disciplines of the general training cycle:

  • history and culture of Ukraine
  • ukrainian (professional)
  • philosophy
  • political and sociological Sciences
  • foreign language
  • ukrainian studies
  • developmental physiology and school hygiene
  • professional safety and health safety
  • foreign language (professional)
  • information and communication technologies in the field
  • the history of music
  • the theory of music and solfeggio
  • musical works analysis
  • harmony and the basics of polyphony
  • instrumentation

Disciplines of the professional training cycle:

  • pedagogy and psychology
  • music Informatics
  • history and theory of vocal art
  • methods of musical education
  • methods of teaching pop singing
  • hygiene of the voice and speech culture

For students professional training, the educational theater "Kovcheg" is used, which is the base of practice for students. It is used to hold festival and competitive screenings, and other artistic events. The Assembly hall stage is equipped according to modern requirements. It is used for academic concerts and creative projects.

The educational process takes place in rooms equipped with the latest technologies, built according to the European standard, equipped with video projectors, plasma TVs, audio equipment, music centers, pianos, synthesizers.

Students can use a TV Studio, a recording Studio, offices of an actor's workshop, tutoring rooms, dressing rooms, wardrobes, a training theater, a small hall, and a choreographic hall.

After graduating, a specialist in the musical art can hold the following positions:

  • teacher of choral disciplines
  • teacher-instrumentalist (folk, wind, special instruments)
  • teacher of a professional educational institution
  • musicologist
  • accompanist
  • artist (choir, choral group, orchestra group, etc.)
  • artist of the ensemble (song and dance, vocally instrumental, vocal, variety instrumental, choral, folk instruments, etc.)
  • artist of an orchestra (wind, folk, variety instruments, Symphony, etc.)
  • artist-vocalist (opera, chamber, solo artist, bandura-player, musical comedy, pop, etc.)
  • solo artist (chorus)
  • solo artist-instrumentalist
  • conductor assistant
  • chorus master assistant
  • bandura player
  • a bandura-player-singer
  • conductor
  • head of an orchestra (ensemble) of wind instruments
  • leader of an orchestra (ensemble, folk ensemble) of folk instruments
  • head of the choir (folk ensemble)
  • composer
  • concertmaster
  • concertmaster by vocal class
  • concertmaster-pianist
  • music designer
  • music editor
  • tutor for vocal
  • choirmaster
  • member of the Board (scenario, art-expert in the field of musicology)
  • sound producer
  • music Director
  • teacher of primary specialized art schools
  • artist (orchestra, choir, ensemble, variety art, etc.)
  • regent