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Training period
  • master – 1.5 years
Form of study
  • full-time
  • extra-mural

Institute of International Relations of Kyiv International University provides training of specialists in: tourism.

List of educational and professional program components

Disciplines of the general training cycle:

  • Methods of teaching in high school
  • Theory and practice of higher education
  • Organization and design of research on the theory and practice of international tourism
  • Scientific communication in a foreign language

Disciplines of the cycle of vocational and practical training:

  • Philosophy and sociology of tourism
  • The evolution of tourism in the context of globalization of tourism
  • Professional skills of a tourism manager
  • Quality management of tourist services
  • KRI in the field of tourism
  • Current issues of ensuring the legal functioning of the tourism industry
  • International tourism
  • State and regional management in the field of tourism
  • Strategic management and marketing

Selective disciplines:

  • Mechanisms for providing quality excursion services at the state level
  • Conjuncture of the tourist market
  • Process analysis in the international tourism market
  • Optimization of the tourist sphere of Ukraine
  • Tourism branding management
  • Methodologies and methods of scientific research of the international tourist market
  • Strategic management of sustainable development of tourism in the country
  • Controlling the information policy of the tourist enterprise
  • Software touring
  • Globalization of world tourist destinations
  • Management of competitiveness of the tourist enterprise
  • Organization and management of exhibition and fair activities in tourism
  • Cluster analysis of the tourism industry in Ukraine
  • Organization of financial and pricing policy of a tourist enterprise
  • Scientific forecasting of state development in the field of tourism
  • Methodological aspects of management of social and labor relations in the field of tourism
  • Responsible leadership and strategic management of a tourism enterprise
  • Anti-crisis management of a tourist enterprise

Students have practice in:

  • travel company "SONATA" Ltd;
  • travel agency ANGA Travel;
  • travel agency Navigator;
  • travel agency "Drove with us";
  • travel agency "DELFA-TOUR";
  • travel agency "Join UP!";
  • travel agency "VINTAZH - CREATIVE TOURS".

After a full academic course a specialist in Tourism is prepared to work with:

  • formation, promotion and marketing of tourism product;
  • development of entrepreneurship in tourism;
  • providing tourists with quality services (accommodation, meals, transportation, excursions, entertainment, etc.);
  • tourist facilities management business, managing activities in tourism;
  • international tourism;
  • organization of tourist services.

May hold the following positions:

  • organizer of trips/excursions;
  • travel consultant;
  • instructor in tourism.

May work in:

  • travel agencies and companies;
  • the apparatus of government and local government;
  • representative offices of international companies, etc.