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International Law

Training period
  • master – 1.5 years
Form of study
  • full-time
  • extra-mural

List of educational and professional program components

Disciplines of the general training cycle:

  • Methods of teaching professional disciplines
  • Theory and practice of higher education
  • Scientific communication in a foreign language
  • Methodology and organization of scientific and international legal research on the theory and practice of international law

Disciplines of the training cycle:

  • International trade law
  • International litigation
  • International criminal law
  • International and European security
  • International environmental law
  • Advocacy in Ukraine and legal systems of other countries
  • International customs law
  • International civil proceedings
  • The right of international responsibility

Selective disciplines:

  • Human rights in international law
  • WTO law
  • History of international legal doctrines about the state and law
  • Legal regulation of the EU common market
  • Theory and practice of the European Court of Human Rights
  • International maritime trade law
  • The law of armed conflict and Ukraine
  • International transport law
  • International cooperation in criminal proceedings
  • International investment law
  • The right to resolve international disputes
  • Energy and environmental security
  • Current issues of public international law
  • Current issues of private international law

After a full course of study specialist in International Law may work at:

  • embassies
  • ministries and government agency of Ukraine
  • foreign consulting and audit firms
  • structural units of government
  • foreign companies and representative offices
  • businesses that work in the field of foreign policy
  • international organizations

may hold the following positions:

  • diplomatic representative
  • international lawyer
  • adviser
  • expert in international law
  • expert analyst
  • political columnist
  • translator-interpreter