Secondary Education (English)

Training period
  • master – 1.5 years
Form of study
  • extra-mural

Institute of Linguistics and Psychology of Kyiv International University provides training of specialists in: Secondary education (English language).

Specialist in Secondary Education (English language)

List of educational and professional program components

Disciplines of general training cycle:

  • Pedagogy;
  • General Linguistics;
  • Comparative Typology of English and Ukrainian;
  • Oral and Written Practice of the English Language;
  • Pedagogical and Professional Psychology;
  • Pedagogical Monitoring in the Educational System;
  • Didactic Systems of Higher Education;
  • Methodology of foreign language teaching;
  • Methodology of world literature teaching;
  • Methodology of educational work;
  • Methodology and Research Study Management.

Disciplines of professional training cycle:

  • Problems of Communicative Linguistics;
  • Information Technologies in Education;
  • Modern Literature and Language of Studied Countries;
  • Theory of Literature;
  • Topical Problems of the Germanic Philology;
  • Cognitive and Discursive Linguistics;
  • Pedagogical skill;
  • Pedagogical Rhetoric;
  • Modern Educational Technologies;
  • Linguistic analysis of text;
  • Sociolinguistics.

Non-academic activities

  • Language laboratories: B.E.S.T. Club, Espanol, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Centre of Arabic language learning, studio art translation.
  • Scientific groups: English Stylistics, country-studying of Great Britain and the USA, History of the English language, peculiarities of the American variant of English, English Lexicology, problems of Linguistics and Culture.

After a full academic course a specialist in linguistics may hold the following positions:

  • the lecturer of higher educational institution;
  • the lecturer of professional educational institution;
  • teacher of secondary school;
  • head of practice in the translation bureau;
  • pedagogue-organizer;
  • lecturer of public talks in the press, on radio and television;
  • specialist in literature;
  • editor, head of editorial office;
  • literary editor;
  • editor-translator;
  • specialist in the field of Philology and Linguistics;
  • specialist in Literature;
  • scientific co-worker (methodology, philology, linguistics);
  • consultant in the field of public communications;
  • consultant in administrative organizations, embassies and consulates, companies and firms, information and advertising agencies.