Training period
  • master – 1.5 years
Form of study
  • full-time
  • extra-mural

Institute of Linguistics and Psychology of Kyiv International University provides training of specialists in: psychology.


Extensive professional knowledge of the specialty is formed of the following subjects:

Disciplines of the general training cycle:

  • Pedagogy and Psychology of a Higher School;
  • Methodology of Teaching at Higher school;
  • Psychological Basics of Strategic Management;
  • Theoretical and Methodological Problems of Psychology;
  • Methodology and Organization of Scientific Research.

Disciplines of the cycle of vocational training:

  • Psychology of Mass Behaviour;
  • Psychological technologies of business consulting and business training;
  • Psychological Support of Negotiating Process;
  • Basics of Public Relations;
  • Psychology of Creativity;
  • Gender Psychocology;
  • Psychology of Image;
  • Clinical Psychodiagnostics;
  • Organizational Psycology;
  • The basics of psychotherapy;
  • Technologies of Psychological Consulting;
  • Psychopharmacology;
  • Gerontological Psychology;
  • Crisis psychological counseling;
  • Problems of psychological compatibility in practical activity;
  • Modern psycho-correction techniques in practical psychology.

Students of the Institute of Psychology, Social and Political Sciences receive practical
training in:

  • the Institute of Social and Political Psychology;
  • the departments of social and psychological services;
  • the departments of Kyiv City Committee of the International Red Cross;
  • the Ukrainian Institute of Integrative Psychology and Psychotherapy;

After a full academic course a specialist in Psychology is prepared for:

  • advisory activities for psychology;
  • forecasting and analysis of socio-psychological phenomena in Ukraine;
  • implementation of applied research and development in the field of humanitarian problems;
  • providing selection and adaptation of staff;
  • providing psychological care and psychological support of industrial, educational, social and other spheres;
  • pedagogical work in higher educational institutions.

May work in:

  • state structures and institutions (state administration, departments of relevant ministries, commercial bodies);
  • centres of applied psychology and social work;
  • social and psychological structures that ensure negotiation processes, form and select personnel, optimize organization and relationships in a working group;
  • all institutions and agencies dealing with social and psychological assistance, professional psychological selection in the centres of psychological diagnosis, psychoanalysis and psychocorrection.

May hold the following positions:

  • psychologist and consultant;
  • practical psychologist;
  • psychologist-diagnostician in education, health, social sector;
  • lecturer in psychology and applied psychological subjects in schools and colleges.