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Institute of Linguistics and Psychology

Olena O. Nahachevska

Olena O. Nahachevska

Director of the Institute, Candidate of Philology sciences, Associate Professor.

There is a double degree program on specialty «Professional-language competence in business» (WSB, Poland).

Educational process in the Institute of Linguistics and Psychology are provided by:

English is a working language at the Institute of Linguistics and Psychology: theoretical and practical training, seminars are conducted in English.

Among the teaching peculiarities at the Institute of Linguistics and Psychology is a profound study of two foreign languages, one of which is English (obligatory). Students who have excellent marks in the first two foreign languages, have an opportunity to learn a third foreign language.

The features of training at the "Psychology" is to train highly qualified professionals for psychological assistance, particularly for the education system.

Educational activities at the Educational and Scientific Institute of Linguistics and Psychology are carried out by scientific and pedagogical staff, including: Doctors of Sciences, Professors, Candidates of Philology, Candidates of pedagogical and psychological, Associate Professors and Teachers.

Educational and methodological support for teaching foreign languages

Foreign language teaching is based on the methodology of professor Kh. Khachaturian – an outstanding Ukrainian philologist who is also President of the University. His methodology relies on a communicative approach which involves modeling real communicative situations in typical communicative contexts. This helps to create real environment for oral and written communication.

Institute of Linguistics provides up-to-date technical and material support (audio- and video equipment, scientific and educational literature etc.). Classes are conducted in properly equipped lecture halls, classrooms, computer laboratories, specialized classrooms (e.g. linguaphone classrooms, country-studying classrooms with satellite TV).

Scientific work

Research topic of the Institute of Linguistics for 2019-2024 is "Theoretical and applied aspects of translation, world literature, psychology and pedagogy in the context of intercultural and interlingual communication". Scientific adviser - Candidate of Philology sciences, Associate Professor Olena O. Nahachevska.

Scientific activity at the Institute is an integral part of the educational process, along with teaching activities and according to the profile of the subjects taught. The scientific achievements of the teachers and students of the Institute are reflected in the articles and theses, in particular in the Proceedings published in the Institute:

1. Theoretical and applied aspects of translation, psychology, pedagogy, teaching of foreign languages and world literature: a collection of scientific works [Sciences. ed.: Olena O. Nahachevska]. Kyiv: Kyiv Internationa University, 2019.

2. Treasury of scientific articles Educational and Scientific Institute of Linguistics. Series: Student Science: From Idea to Results. Kyiv: Kyiv Internationa University, 2019.

3. Academic Journal "Psychological sciences: problems and achievements" is devoted to problems and achievements" academic journal is devoted to the publication of scientific articles in the field of psychology. It covers the actual problems of theoretical-methodological and experimental research in various areas of psychological science and psychological practice. The State Registration Certificate: Series KB № 17011-5781 PR. dated 07/19/2010

4. Academic Journal "Pedagogical Theory and Practice" is a printed-word media, which has passed the corresponding state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (The State Registration Certificate: Series КВ 22349-1224 PR dated September 23, 2016). The co-founders of the academic journal "Pedagogical Theory and Practice" are "Kyiv International University" Private Higher Education Establishment (Ukraine), the Nizhyn State University named after Mykola Gogol (Ukraine), the Graduate School of Business at Dumbrov Gournich (Poland).

Non-academic activities of students

Students participate in activities related to weeks of culture of a particular country whose language is studied, namely: the week of English, German, French, Spanish culture.

Student meetings with representatives of embassies of the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Argentina, China and Japan have already become traditional. Students are given an opportunity to listen to lectures on topical issues of their lives, interesting discussions and round tables are held.

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