Finance, Banking and Insurance

Training period
  • bachelor – 4 years
Form of study
  • full-time
  • extra-mural

Faculty of Economics of Kyiv International University provides training of specialists in: finance, banking and insurance.

List of educational and professional program components

Disciplines of general training cycle:

  • History of Ukraine
  • History of Ukrainian Culture
  • Ukrainian Language (professionally-oriented)
  • Philosophy
  • Foreign language
  • Foreign language for economists
  • Politology
  • Life safety: basics of ecology and life safety
  • Life safety: civil defense
  • Life safety: occupational safety
  • Political Economics
  • Microeconomics and macroeconomics
  • History of Economics and Economic Thought
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
  • Economic and Mathematical Modelling
  • Economic Information Technologies
  • Statistics
  • Law

Disciplines of professional training cycle:

  • Enterprise Economics
  • Management and Marketing
  • Money and Credit
  • Finances
  • Finances of Enterprise
  • Accounting and Audit
  • Budget system
  • World Economy
  • National Economy
  • Tax system
  • Banking system
  • Insurance
  • Investment Analysis

The following subjects are offered for choosing students of the specialty "Finance, Banking and Insurance":

  • Foreign Language (for professional purposes)
  • Financial Statistics
  • Financial Market
  • Financial Operations of Economic Entities
  • Regional Economy
  • Finances of Foreign Corporations
  • Enterprising and small-scale businesses
  • Conflictology
  • Financial security of business entities
  • Information systems and technologies in finance
  • Substantiation of economic decisions and risk assessment
  • Internal audit in financial institutions
  • Financial Law
  • Business Planning
  • Financial and economic aspects of banking
  • Bank Operations
  • Banking information systems and technologies
  • Financial modeling
  • Economic security of business entities
  • Financial accounting in banks
  • Conflict Theory and Theory of Negotiations
  • Financial risk management
  • Audit in financial institutions
  • Currency regulation and control
  • Financial analytics of the banking market

After a full academic course a specialist in finance, banking and insurance is prepared for work
associated with:

  • features of organization and financial management in businesses of different legal forms
  • taxation of economic activity
  • budget of the country, administrative units, companies, financial institutions
  • formation and flow of extrabudgetary funds
  • organization of finance companies
  • formation of incomes, expenses and reserves of insurance companies, small businesses
  • operation of international financial organizations
  • problems with foreign exchange control.

May hold the following positions:

  • chief financial officer
  • financial analytics
  • chief financial officer
  • stock market analytics
  • insurance manager
  • insurance agent
  • a financier in banks, tax administrations and other governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions in government bodies, joint stock companies, corporations, concerns and other associations
  • financier with the National Bank of Ukraine and commercial banks
  • the director (head of another director) of an enterprise, financial institution or organization, etc.

May work in:

  • state structures and institutions
  • the Court of Auditors, the Ministry of Finance
  • the local government and public administration
  • foreign companies and firms
  • banks, insurance and other financial institutions
  • small and medium business
  • the financial watchdogs
  • insurance companies
  • accounting firms.