Lyceum of Kyiv International University

Lyceum of KIU is a secondary general education institution which provides scientific, humanitarian, cultural training of gifted and bright children (5-11 classes), preparing to their further professional activity.

The Lyceum was founded in 2009 as the structural subdivision of Kyiv International University.

Main professional-oriented fields of training:
  • Philological - (foreign languages (English, French, Germen, Spanish), lingual etiquette, foreign culture, law, introduction to the specialty etc.);
  • Medical and pharmaceutical - (foreign language (English), chemistry, biology, psychology, ethics and deontology, Latin, etc.);
  • Social and humanitarian - (foreign languages (English, Chinese, Arabic, French), basics of international economics, basics of diplomacy, lingual etiquette, law, introduction to the specialty etc.);
  • Technological - (foreign language (English), basics of informatics, mathematics, international economics, business, lingual etiquette, law, introduction to specialty, etc.);
  • Artistic and aesthetic - (foreign language (English), basics of rhetoric, history of arts, elocution, introduction to specialty etc.).