Faculty of Economics

Alla M. Opalenko

Dean of the faculty, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Faculty of Economics provides training of specialists in: Training is provided according to higher educational levels:
  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Master’s degree.
Programs for Master’s Degree: Education:
  • full-time;
  • extra-mural.

There is a double degree program in "Management» (WSB, Poland); "International Business with Marketing"; "Management of commercial development" MBA program (IPAC, France); "Financial management", "European studies " (SSW, Poland); «Business Administration» (ISMA, Latvia).

Educational process is provided by:

Scientific work

Main area of research of the departments – "Ways of improving the economic and social development of Ukraine to the European level".

Peculiarities of the Academic process

Foreign language teaching is based on the methodology of professor Kh. Khachaturian – an outstanding Ukrainian philologist who is also the University Rector. His methodology relies on a communicative approach which involves modeling real communicative situations in typical communicative contexts. This helps to create real environment for oral and written communication.

Department of Economics provides up-to-date technical and material support (audio- and video equipment, scientific and educational literature etc.). Classes are conducted in properly equipped lecture halls, classrooms, computer laboratories, specialized classrooms.

Students have an opportunity to practice English and study in England in the Centre for English Language studying Eurospeak Language School.

Practical preparation for students
  • committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Economy of Ukraine;
  • commercial banks;
  • enterprises of all ownership etc.
Non-academic activities of students

Students participate in activities dedicated to the International Student's Day and the International AIDS Day. They are active participants of the annual All-Ukrainian student scientific conference dedicated to the Day of Science. Meetings with business representatives in Kyiv contribute to the development of their skills. Students are given the opportunity to hearing lectures on current socio-economic problems of modern life, take part in interesting discussions, round tables.

There are three scientific groups on the basis of the Department of Economics:

  • scientific and practical study group of students "Business Club";
  • student group "Professor class in Economics";
  • student group “Modern Head".

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